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Elementary School Banners and Signs

At Prosign Design, we pride ourselves in our elementary school banners. From promoting character education to organization and celebration we’ve got a banner or sign for your school. Using fire marshal approved materials, we’ve created eye-catching banners that will bring your elementary school hallways to life.

Here is a brief summary of our 4 types of banners:

    1. Character Trait Education Banners

      character trait banner sample

      One of our most popular products is our Character Banners. These banners hang in the middle of the school hallways and feature different character traits. We also sell sets that go along with popular character education resources and plans. One of the best features of these school banners is they are fully customizable. There is a large list of character traits to choose from on our site or you may request custom words at no charge. Have school colors that you’d like to match? Great! We can change the colors too! Also, all of our banners are fire marshal approved.

    2. School Graduation Banners

      graduation banner idea

      Have elementary school graduation coming up? We can also create custom graduation elementary school banners to help celebrate and congratulate the students. Typically these types of banners run 5 ft wide and 2ft tall. They will come with grommets or a pull pocket depending on where you want to place them. We have hardware included to hang all of our banners from the ceiling. By default we add pole pockets so please let us know if you’d like grommets instead.

    1. Hallway Location Signs

      location hallway banner

      How do I get to the art room? Down the hall, turn right, 3rd door on the left. We had a lot of requests to help make the schools easier to navigate. We brainstormed, created, got feedback, revised and our hallway location signs were born. These school banners will help students, new staff and visitors easily identify rooms. We include a nice wood mount to go above the door where the school banners will hang. These types of banners are typically double sided so they can be viewed from both sides of the hallway. Although we can’t adjust the size of these banners, we can change the the color, icon and text!

  1. Welcome and Entrance Banners

    entrance banner idea

    Nothing says welcome like a like a large banner with your school name, colors and logo on it. We can work with you on sizing so the banner fits perfectly in your entrance way.



Here are what some people are saying about our banners

Casey Elementary Elementary School said:

“They were able to give us individualized character traits. They also matched our colors. They look exactly like their photo gallery. We were very pleased.”



Franklin County Elementary School said:

“Prosign Design has top-quality products. The staff is very professional, and service is prompt and efficient.”



Zebulon Elementary Elementary School said:

“They are great to work with! Understand want you need and how to make it happen. Thank you all at Prosign Design!!!!”



Wilson Elementary Elementary School said:

“The banners are beautiful, colorful, and add so much to our school hallway. the quality is fabulous, and i would highly recommend them”